Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Scrap Room is Taking Shape...

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to share a snapshot of my NEW scrapbooking/cardmaking room.  Although it's pretty scary & disorganized looking now, I hope to have it all shined up by the end of the month. 
Yes, you are seeing correctly - the wall with the window is BLACK! It was pretty liberating being able to put that first nervous stroke of black paint on the wall!  The wall with all those metal shelves is Taken with Teal - a dear retired colour that still remains in my favorites!  The metal shelving is something my sweet mom picked up for me at a store that was going out of business - they were their stock shelves, so they're heavy duty.  My sweet carpenter man made sure they're drilled into the studs, so I can load that baby up with all the paper in the world!  This is all non-SU

But this is SU stuff!  Only a small snapshot of all my collection that I've amassed (you can't even see my bookshelf of stamps in this photo).  But if you look really close, you will be able to see my kitty!  Hint: She's somewhere where any scrapbooker would know to look for a cat!

I can't wait to start having Stampin' Up parties here, as well as start classes and clubs!  If you are interested, be sure to tell me!  I'd love to set up something catered just to your needs!
Hope you like :)  {Sorry no card today!}

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  1. And the fun begins! woohoo! Black and Taken with Teal - creative colors for a creative room. I totally get the black! It's gonna be perfect background for taking pictures of your projects! The kitty looks pretty content as 'content' in your box, too. Keep at it - it's gonna look great!