Friday, August 9, 2013

Hi everyone!

I want to apologize and warn you at the same time!  First, my apologies for the long absence again.  Second, I'm warning you that it will probably happen again and again - at least for the time being! 
Things that have been keeping me busy:

1) Work (but that's a given)
2) Selling our rental property
3) Buying a new house
4) Renovating the new house
5) Getting ready to sell our current house
6) Social, shower, stagette and wedding planning (the big day is coming up September 7th!)
7) Returning to post secondary education (distance education, part time) for Real Estate Appraisal
8) Finding out we're expecting OUR FIRST BABY on January 21st!

This time of my life couldn't possibly be any busier - there just aren't enough hours in a day right now!  I haven't picked up an ink pad in a long long time and even though that drives me crazy, there's not much I can do about it!

So I thank you in advance for your patience while I take a step back from business just to savour and enjoy the happy things in my life right now! 

I will still be doing some custom orders and invitations, but will not have a regular supply of cards on hand.  I will still also be submitting orders, so if you ever need anything, you know where to find me.

I'll leave you with a peek at a card I did before life got so crazy:

Lots of thanks! Lots of love!